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China-Russia relations are a prime example of a love-hate relationship.  The two countries’ trade, tourism, business development, and border protection policies vary from warm and fuzzy to bitter cold.   A city right on the China-Russia border, Hehei, is known for its ritzy lights, cheap electronics and clothing, and booming tourism industry.  Russians often travel to Heihe for pleasure, but few Chinese are able to cross into the Russia for the same — which has in turn caused China to publicize its border control efforts.   

At this section of the Russia- China border, the two are inextricably linked — the oil pipeline, the cross-border trade, and the inter-cultural marriages.   There is, however,  an underlying mistrust between the two — a classic case of Spy v. Spy in a variety of organizations, enterprises, and business ventures.  Issues of electricity supply and pricing, oil distribution, and general control of natural resources force the countries to constantly be skeptical of each other.

I dare say that the Russians need to stay on their guard a bit more, and consider whether they are really ahead in their China-related ventures.  If they can’t ascertain whether they are winning or losing; chances are they are losing.    

“Therefore, just as water retains no constant shape,
    so in warfare there are no constant conditions.” – Sun Tzu, Art of War


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